Photo of our building
Harbour Warehousing Co Ltd, Sarnia ON

Material Handling Equipment

A full line of Counterbalance Lift Trucks equipped with Side shifters.

Indoor / Solid tires (LPG)
Outdoor / Pneumatic tires (LPG)


  • Hydraulic Bale Clamp
  • Hydraulic Roll Clamp
  • Hydraulic Turnaload Clamp
  • Hydraulic Pallet Truck

Non-hydraulic Attachments

  • Barrel-o-Matic
  • Fork Extensions
  • Carpet Pole

Securing Equipment

  • Nylon Strapping 1/4 inch
  • Steel Strapping 1/4 inch and 1 inch wide x .035 thick
  • Stretch Wrapping
  • Air Bags
  • Pneumatic and Electric power tools
  • Blocking and Bracing material

      We usually have a good supply of Used Pallets available at no charge.

      We do not have Voice Mail you must talk directly to our knowledgeable staff about our services.

      Fast innovative and personal service with modern well maintained equipment run by experienced operators.

      As you know even equipment with the most modern technology is nothing without an experienced operator with the expertise that only Proper Training and years of Experience provide.

      Harbour Warehousing offers an abundance of equipment and experience, we take pride in knowing that we are capable of providing a variety of services instantaneously.

      Did I mention that we do not have Voice Mail? Sorry we only offer fast and truthful answers to all your material handling inquiries.